One of the most secure payment technologies available to businesses, eCheck services from XpressDrafts meet the needs of online sellers and retail stores while providing added value through real-time status updates, integrated tracking, high level reporting, and automated procedures.

Retain the advantages of a paper check while avoiding traditional downsides by using electronic checks. In addition to accommodating more customers, eChecks combine a high level of security with rapid processing and easy-to-use features, making it a valuable addition to your payment options.

Relying on XpressDrafts for your eCheck services gives you
the benefit of less paperwork and more cost savings.

  • Removing the need to file paper claims for bounced checks

  • Eliminating bank deposit fees and non-sufficient fund charges

  • Early notification of NSF or bad checks

  • Early ACH notifications arriving in 3-4 days instead of 3-4 weeks

  • Automatic electronic resubmission of ACH returns

  • Preauthorized check drafting for high risk transactions

  • eCheck solutions for point of sale, virtual terminal, online and ecommerce needs

  • XpressDrafts’ comprehensive support and training

Choose from convenient eCheck processing methods such as:

  • ACH

  • Check 21

  • Check drafts

  • Remote deposit capture

  • Checks by phone

  • Automated recurring billing with eChecks

Discover how eCheck services can help your business and reduce your overall cost of processing by connecting with the XpressDrafts team today. Gateway Services